TANUKIYA is a small select shop in Nozawaonsen Village, Nagano Prefecture.

The age of manufacturing large quantities of short-term use items only to be used once or twice and then thrown away has to come to an end. We are now in the age of thinking about the global environment and future.

We must not only consider the material value of the product, but also the pleasure of owning the product and understanding the thoughts of the maker – the history, culture, and climate of the region, which makes people want to talk about it. We believe that objects that “have a story” are the most valuable.

We hope that the encounter with wonderful things here at TANUKIYA will lead to the creation of a rich cycle of culture.
We want TANUKIYA to be a place where a rich cycle of culture is born from encounters with wonderful things here.
We hope that TANUKIYA will become such a place.

We would like to create a place where we can share the stories of our small select store with all of our customers. Tanukiya has begun in hopes that we both can enjoy the story of a small select shop.