Konnichiwa from 狸 tanuki nozawa!

狸 tanuki nozawa is located in the heart of Nozawa Onsen Village, consisting of three interconnected buildings. It features a total of 6 apartments and 6 hotel rooms, providing guests with various accommodation options.

Tanuki also houses a teppanyaki restaurant, sushi restaurant, a retail shop, cafe, and bar, offering guests a diverse range of culinary experiences.

Nozawa Onsen’s most famous onsen, Oyu is just outside the building allowing guests easy access to traditional Japanese bathing along with other 12 hot springs in the village.

Skiing enthusiasts will appreciate the convenient 5-minute stroll to the “Yu-Road” moving walkway, which swiftly transports guests to the Hikage gondola area, providing effortless access to the slopes.